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A picture is worth a thousand words

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of San Sebastián, the well-known saying is particularly true; no matter how many words we used, it would be impossible to convey the beauty, contrasts, breath-taking views and charm which captivate all who visit this city that shines with its own light. Enjoy this visual tour of San Sebastián and its sights.


Donostia / San Sebastián short breaks 


Donostia / San Sebastián 2016 

DSS Living Together 

Emusik, European Music School Festival 

Kash Bhattacharya - What is San Sebastian like? 

Kabi by Edurne Pasaban - Basque Country 

Donostia Air Tour: Sergio Lauburu 

Vagabrothers: San Sebastian in 24 hours 


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