European Capital of Culture 2016


The European Capital of Culture 2016 represents an enormous opportunity to turn the focus on culture and dialogue as the roads towards improved coexistence. It will also promote stronger ties with the rest of Europe and foster innovation in the cultural sector.

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It is available the publication of 104 pages in Basque, Spanish, Engilsh and French which includes details (description, dates, location...) of the events scheduled in 2016.

Twelve reasons to visit San Sebastian in 2016

Twelve reasons to visit San Sebastian in 2016

San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture, seeks to place value on the role of culture as a tool for constructing a better coexistence. For this purpose, more than 400 cultural activities for all kinds of audiences will take place between January and December.

New information point in Aderdi Eder

New information point in Aderdi Eder

DSS2016EU has just opened an information point in Alderdi Eder, which during the coming months will be the place where the public can receive information in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French and English) on the cultural project of San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture, as well as the schedule of activities planned for the coming months. The building that houses the information point is temporary and has been proposed and made by the Zuloark collective.




The Lighthouse of Peace addresses a historical problem in Basque society, a situation which is gradually progressing towards normality as work continues to solve its problems thanks to dialogue. But coexistence is an objective that extends beyond our borders, an ambition more present than ever on today’s European stage. New social phenomena are disrupting coexistence inside and outside of the borders of the continent. To tackle the problem, the Lighthouse of Peace spreads values of pacifism and espect.

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El Faro de la vida está centrado en mejorar el devenir cotidiano de personas y la sociedad. Una vida más saludable, más rica y próspera que permita a la ciudadanía gozar de una mayor calidad de vida a través de la alimentación, el deporte, la salud y la educación. Proyectos para atenuar las dificultades que provoca en la cotidianidad el frenesí de la vida urbana contemporánea.

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Finally, the Lighthouse of Voices emphasises the ability of artistic expressions such as cinema, theatre, visual arts, literature and music to inspire emotion, reflection and connections with other people. Expression, transmission and communication are its three pillars, and all three promote projects of a dimension and significance unheard of before in the city, the thrust of new voices and direct links with Europe.

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Waves of energy

Waves of energy

“Waves of energy” is the slogan of this exciting project that all citizens of San Sebastián have taken up as their own. Participation by the locals is key to the project and the aim, hope and dream is to make culture the vehicle for social transformation. Waves of energy is the programme launched by San Sebastian 2016 to subsidise cultural initiatives by citizens. Under this initiative, cultural projects and programmes presented by individuals and not-for-profit associations will receive grants.